How to get there

Coordinates GPS

Latitud 42.133401, Longitud 2.847811

How to get to Mas Xargay : 

Take Exit 5 (l'Escala) from the AP-7 motorway, direction N-II. You will find two roundabouts, at both of which you should follow the signs to Banyoles.

Continue along the GI-513 highway, at 2 km you will find a roundabout, continue direction Banyoles. Continue in this direction and at 2 km you will find a sign saying Galliners on the right direction.

Take this road and at 2 km you will find a crossing which sais Galliners Vilademuls on the right and Banyoles Vilavenut on the left GIV-5132. Take Banyoles Vilavenut direction and at 400 m. you will see a sign saying Mas Xargay on the left

At the end of the track, some 150 metres, you will reach Mas Xargay.